Found an interesting plant on your farm? Gone for a wildflower walk in the Shire of West Arthur and want to know what you saw?

The Darkan Library houses the West Arthur Herbarium. Bring in photos of plants and use the herbarium resources to identify them!

NOTE: Don’t remove plant specimens or flowers from crown land without a proper licence.


  • Pressed plant specimens of hundreds of native, and weed, species found in the Shire of West Arthur
  • Reference books on native plants
  • Guides for common weeds
  • Landcare management guides and books
  • A microscope to get a closer look at your plants

If you spot an interesting plant on a bush walk or on your property, bring some photos in and you might be able to identify it! You’ll need to photograph:

  • · The whole plant
  • · The leaves
  • · Any flowers if possible
  • · Any seed pods if possible
  • · Other plants nearby